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Power Factor Correction:

The hidden cost of electricity supply: Return on investment usually less than 2 years.

Voltage regulation:

Well proven technology rediscovered: savings up to 20% are possible.

Powerboss motor optimiser:

Has the potential to save between 5 and 20% of the power being consumed by electric motors. Return on investment is usually less then 2 years

Energy Efficient Lighting:

Replacing old switch start fluorescent and high bay lighting: savings of between 20 and 50%, now 80% with LED's , are possible

Soft Starters:

When starting electric motors the huge inrush current can be eliminated. We provide ready to go units, 3 wires in 3 wires out!

Sub Metering :

To monitor is to know. To know is to manage!

Energy Monitoring:

Contract monitoring of your electrical supply.

If this is your first venture into energy saving, a word before you start! - How will you know if changes are working? If you are not monitoring the power load, how can you manage it?

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