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Watford Controls:

Working in conjunction with the World leader in AC Voltage Stabilisation and power conditioning Watford Control, we are able to offer Watford designed and manufactured comprehensive range of AC voltage stabilisers and Power Conditioners. These are well proven technology which have been exported world wide since 1953.

Energy saving by voltage optimisation is a simple matter of reducing your incoming supply voltage from an unnecessarily high level to a new optimised level. This simple act can save up to 20% of consumption on your electricity bills and can be achieved simply by reducing your incoming supply voltages from the UK average level of 242V to a more modest 220V or lower dependent on loads.

In 1995 the statutory supply voltage across the EEC was harmonized to 230V +/- 10% (207V to 253V). The full implementation of this change was postponed from 2003. However, the present UK statutory supply is 230V -6% +10% (216.2V to 253.0V).

Manufactures of electrical equipment to the EEC countries have now had 13 years to ensure that their products supplied within Europe will function correctly at the new voltage levels.

The UK supply voltages, despite all this time, have remained at a nominal of 240V phase to neutral with an average of 242V.

The impact on you, the bill payer is that a 230V linear appliance such as a lamp, supplied with 240V will consume approximately 9% more energy than is necessary but will only achieve 55% of its life.

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