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NEW:- The LED lighting range goes from a 3 watts replacement for a decorative GU10 right through to 75watts replacement for a 400 watts industrial metal halide. All give better light quality and colour control.
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NEW "Eco 7" Fork lift truck charging:-

Simple idea revisted saves energy for companies who do not work 24/7 or who do not use the fork trucks at night. Why pay £0.11 plus kW hour to charge your trucks when you can charge on £ 0.07 or less night rate?
Simply plug the charger into the special wall socket and leave the rest to the Eco 7.

{short description of image} The "Eco 7" is wired into the live side your existing charging system.
All that is required of your staff is to plug the charger in as normal, then the inbuilt clock and timer in the Eco 7 will take over and delay the charge start until say 00.01 GMT when the night rate comes into effect.

Charging is automatic or to a pre set cut off time.

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Carbon Reduction Commital (CRC):- As of April 2010 the CRC is with us .
Like it, or not, any company with half hour metering (HHM) and using over 6,000MWh must register as a participant

For more information from the Carbon Trust click here

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