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Voltage Regulation
power factor correction

Typically their are three possible phases to an energy efficiency and saving programme.

Simple 'Good Housekeeping' Measures which can produce energy cost savings of around 10% at no or little cost to the end user.

Low Cost Improvements that can lead to increased energy savings in the range of 10 to 15%

Medium to high cost investment, bringing the maximum total saving.

With our associates at DECATS Energy Conservation we are able to offer:-

  • Training for Energy Conservation and Awareness
  • Employ for one or more days a month or quarter an Energy Manager on your site(s)
  • Property Services - Moving or relocating, ONE STOP to coordinate and obtain several quotes on your behalf including your preferred suppliers.
  • Site Services and Heating Services.
  • Gas and Water Audit Analysis.
  • Reduction in GAS tariff.
  • Reduction in ELECTRICAL tariff.
  • Contract monitoring of individual machines, departments or the whole factory or commercial property.

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