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  • Fluorescent and high bay alternative solutions Savings of 25% to 40% are instantly available depending on mains input voltage by converting to our unique design T5 lighting.
  • Energy Savings and greatly extended lamp life are achieved by using constant wattage high frequency electronic ballast.
  • Lamp life extended from the 8,000 hour average, to 27,000 hours (and far greater in many instances). Flicker free high frequency operation. The ballast’s used produce very little in the way of harmful harmonics. Continuous switching of the ballast has little or no effect on lamp-life (The manufacturer has tested lamps to 1,000,000 switching cycles, with no noticeable lamp degradation). This leads to cost-effective lamp control using passive switching systems, rather than expensive dimming systems .
  • NEW The LED lighting range goes from a 3 watts replacement for a decorative GU10 right through to 75watts replacement for a 400 watts industrial metal halide. All give better light quality and colour control.

Voltage regulation of lighting

SON, metal halide and switch start fluorescent lamps will strike at 185 volts so further reduction from 210 has the potential to give daylight savings in excess of 40% with no significant loss of light output.
NB: High frequency fluorescent lighting is usually constant wattage and so reducing the voltage cannot save energy. A full range of sizes is available. From single phase for individually switched street and car park lighting to IP65 3 phase boxed units 20A to 180A.

street lamp regulator   Lamp regulator

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