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The green replacement for SON and Metal Halide low and high bay luminaires

An energy and maintenance efficient luminaire designed to ensure minimum running costs and maximum service life. Constructed in the UK. This modern design offers energy savings in excess of 50% and better light quality compared to conventional systems such as 400 watt SON, Metal Halide and switch start fluorescent. For additional savings it can easily be fitted with occupancy and daylight saving sensors

5 x 54

400 watt MH with losses say 440 watts : 4 x 54watt T5 with losses is 212 watts :Saving=51%

  • Mild steel body with brilliant white powder coated
  • Shaped to prevent dust and debris build up
  • Each ballast separately fused (2 or 3 fuses)
  • 80,000 hour ballast warranty (15% failure accepted)
  • Low smoke and fume internal wiring
  • 2 metres of flex with plug and socket
  • Long Life lamps provided (36,000 hours average rating
  • Available in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 lamp versions
  • Alanod MiroTM 4 or 8 reflector system
  • Universal fixing kit - suspend in minutes
  • Available with polycarbonate panel
  • Optional dimming
  • HF long life analogue ballasts
  • Optional 360 deg. Or directional high level PIR sensor
  • Optional 3 hours emergency pack
  • Ready to hang straight from box
  • Client plug fitted if required
  • Lightweight construction 7 to 12kg.

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