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So - first things first: What is a VSD?

A modern general purpose Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is a microprocessor based controller, used for converting FIXED FREQUENCY ac power into VARIABLE FREQUENCY ac power for smoothly altering the SPEED of a STANDARD 3-phase INDUCTION MOTOR.

When fitted to an AC Induction motor driving fans or centrifugal pumps energy savings of up to 50%. are possible usually, with a return on investment of less than 2 years.

The motors on most fans and pumps are sized for "end of curve starts" so oversize motors are fitted by design. However, most fixed speed applications have the flow or head regulated by a control valve, which, once set to the application is rarely moved. The regulated flow or "duty point" requires less power than the end of curve so power is wasted, by design! Fitting a variable speed drive allows the flow can be regulated by controlling the pump or fan speed with a corresponding reduction in kW being achieved by the affinity laws.

Affinity Laws ?. Quite simply the relationship between: flow, head and power.

FLOW (m3hr or gals/min) - The volume of liquid being pumped is proportional to the speed: A speed reduction of 10% will reduce the flow by 10%

HEAD (m or ft) - The height, or equivelant height resistance that the pumped liquid is raised. Head reduction is proportional to the square of the speed difference therefore a 10% speed reduction will reduce the head by 19%

POWER (kW or HP) - The power required to drive the pump, at the reduced flow is proportional to the cube of the speed difference therefore a 10% reduction will reduce the power consumed by 27%

Or operating cost reduction=27%

For more on technical information on affinity laws click here

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